Gift Certificates - Le Grand Café Brasserie

Offer a gift certificate for LE GRAND CAFE BRASSERIE to the person of your choice!

How to proceed?

Print 2 copies below, and complete them.
Return one copy with the settlement check (free amount) to:

Brasserie Le Grand Café
5, Rue du Château
21000 Dijon


Give another copy to the person of your choice.


Click here to print gift certificates


How to use?

Present your gift voucher at the Brasserie Le Grand Café and enjoy a reduction of an amount equal to the amount indicated on the gift voucher.

No money will be made on a gift.
This check is valid for one year from the receipt of the check by mail, only the establishment Brasserie Le Grand Café, located at 5, rue du Chateau in Dijon, Cote d'Or (21000).


Siren : 422 502 955 - Brasserie Le Grand Café - 5, RUE DU CHATEAU 21000 DIJON - Tél : 03 80 30 97 26