Menus - Brasserie Le Grand Café

Reflects a traditional French brasserie, the cooking of the Brasserie Le Grand Café in Dijon (Côte d'Or - Burgundy), is inventive, creative, and authentic as we select for you each day fresh and quality to satisfy your palate.

Discover below the formulas that we offer…

Dish of the day 9.50
Except Sundays and public holidays


Formula to 13
Lunch only
Entry and dish of the day
Dish of the day and dessert of the day


Formula to 17
Lunch only
Entry of the day, main course and dessert of the day


Formula Grand Café at 25
Served only in the evenings (from 19h)

ENTRY : choice on Slate
FLAT : choice of Slate (except piece of butcher)


Kids menu at 9.50
Chicken nuggets or fresh chopped steak, home fries + 2 scoops of ice cream



Siren : 422 502 955 - Brasserie Le Grand Café - 5, RUE DU CHATEAU 21000 DIJON - Tél : 03 80 30 97 26